Solar Filter + Cell - D:395-405mm (C14 Off-Axis)

(81,82 excl. btw)

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Baader filter in Astrozap aluminium cell (Off axis)

  • Designed to work with  various telescopes.
  • Comes with three screws with teflon tips to secure the filter to the telescope.

These Solar Filters are made with Baader Astro Solar™ Safety Film.

Far superior than any existing glass, Mylar or polymer filters, they lead to sharper, brighter and images of higher contrast.

The Sun appears in its “real ”color - neutral white, not blue or orange ,and the sky adjacent to the solar limb is jet black.

You can see detail in sunspots, bright faculae near the limb and the mottled areas known as granules with these filters. The Sun offers constant changes and will keep your observing interesting and fun. Even small aperture telescopes can enjoy features of the Sun.

The Astro Solar™ film is completely safe and durable (won‘t break like glass if dropped). Its rating is ND-5 which means that the film transmits 1/100,000 of visible light (.001%) while reflecting (blocking) 99.999%of unwanted light. 

Safety Announcement

Please take maximum care when observing the Sun by using this type of solar filter. Check the surface before each observation and do not use it if it is damaged (e.g. punctures). We cannot take responsibility if any of the above occurs; please use it at your own risk!