Tourelle revolver pour 4 oculaires coulant 31,75mm

# TKA00404


(483,47 hors TVA)
3-4 Jours

The turret has the ability to safely hold four 1.25" eyepieces for basically any observing needs you might have.  The turret act like a standard 90° star diagonal so your viewing position remains unchanged as you switch between eyepieces.  The Takahashi turret has a click-stop design with an eyepiece indicator mark so you can not only feel, but see when each eyepiece is seated properly.  The eyepieces are held in the turret by means of non-marring compression rings. A twist-ring adjusts the tightness of the compression ring, rather than a thumbscrew. Metal plugs seal four 1.25" eyepiece holders when the turret diagonal is not in use. 

The turret has a 2" nosepiece with safety groove that slips into the 2" focuser drawtube of your refractor or Cassegrain telescope.  If you have a Schmidt-Cassegrain, however, you will need to purchase an SCT to 2" eyepiece adapter as the turret will not simply thread onto your rear cell. The turret takes up a rather small 81mm of backfocus, so most scopes should be able to work without issue.  However, some Takahashi scopes will require an optional extension tube to achieve focus.